Since 18 years we produce shoe polishes, leather pastes and shoe insoles. We provide a full range of footwear accessories.

Our vision - to be an expert.

The concept of Coccine as a footwear brand, based on many years of experience in the production and distribution of chemicals for shoe manufacturers, was created in 1997. The brand has been designed as an expert in the field of shoe care products. Both - the experiences of Girba srl (our partner and owner of the know-how), and then 5 year old Dakoma (brand owner of Coccine), were experiences of implementation of finishing chemicals in the shoe manufacturing technology. That’s what we knew we were good at. This is how the vision of our cosmetic line came into existence, based on a solid knowledge about leather, footwear and pastes. Coccine is therefore a response to existing problems and is helping to solve them in every home.

PIPSThe confirmation of our experience is the long-standing active membership of the Polish Chamber of Leather Industry (Polska Izba Przemysłu Skórzanego).

"Scratches on your new pumps? Pick a retouch in the right color! Are your new shoes too tight? Treat them with MORBISPRAY. Is the lining of your sandals dying off? Spray it with Color Stop."

We offer dozens of this type of solutions. For the most part they are based on our experience gained in the sector of footwear and leather goods manufacturing.

Some of our products, however, were developed as a response to the specific problems and needs of Polish customers deriving from our culture and climate.

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